Apparently our external hard drive with all our important stuff on it decided to switch from NFTS to RAW file system, making it unreadable. Why and how did it do this? All I was doing was renaming some files! So much for trying to be organized!

Anyway, I am now trying to recover 2TBs of important and personal data that was supposed to be relatively safe. We only bought the Western Digital drive 6 months or so ago. In fact, we bought TWO! One to back up the other one. Although we never effectively made that happen, as we had more than 2TBs of data to start with. But it was the plan! Who knew that we would get screwed so soon after the purchase! IF I can recover the data (still an IF) then it is likely to take days and once I have it back, the file names may all be gobbledigook and have to be individually renamed. 184,000 files… I hope I won’t have to. The BMS backups on the drive were outdated at least.

This weekend I am going to try and paint the front door “Anakin’s bloody stumps” red. I’m going to try and rake the leaves. Yeah, yeah… I know Yoda says there is no try, but screw that guy! Honestly, you can’t see any grass in our front and backyard right now! I’m going to try and get Tuesday’s BMS strip done (yeah, we’re going to shift from Monday to a Tuesday update for a while). On a more positive note, reader Phil C. sent us this photo from Virginia Comic Con below. He also made another kick ass diorama from the Ralph MacQuarrie painting that inspired our previous Hoth website banner. Great job, Phil! Keep ’em coming!