Armor is only so useful, as Chewbacca slowly realizes in today’s strip. We hope this one was worth the wait after our skipping Wednesday. Next week will see the conclusion of our current Holiday Special “cartoon parody”. We think its going to be a much more satisfying conclusion to the adventure than than one we got onscreen.

I forgot to mention at the start of this week that we have added a new voting incentive strip. It’s a sequel to our Smoking Jawa / Aunt Beru strip from way back at the beginning of our ANH storyarc. If you like Smoking Jawa, let us know. As we have more ideas for him in the future if readers are interested. Click here to vote and read the latest incentive strip.

Last week we announced that Blue Milk Special would have a table at Baltimore Comic Con (August 28-29) and New York Comic Con (Oct 8-10). If you will be attending and would be willing to not only meet us but to help us pass out our stash of exclusive Blue Milk Special promotional postcards to passers-by, then we would be most grateful. We would ideally like to find some Star Wars costumed fans to help drum up some attention and direct attendees to our, most likely, hard to find table. If you or any fans that you know might be interested, please get in touch with us.

Are you new to BMS? If so, then you can start reading this webcomic from the beginning by clicking here.

Watch the Star Wars Holiday Special animated short below, courtesy of YouTube.

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