In between the first Star Wars movie and The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo stopped by the planet Ord Mantell and had a run in with a bounty hunter. This event changed Han’s mind about sticking around with the Rebels… or did it? Well, the whole thing was just a throwaway line in the Empire Strikes Back, but here we’re showing you what really happened. Make sure you check out the Greedo’s Cousins storyarc to get a better context.

We also debut Boba Fett’s greatest unknown rival, The Awesome Bounty Hunter known as Skorr. He was the creation of Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson in the story The Bounty Hunter of Ord Mantell. He proves himself to be quite a conniving bastard. He’s fairly unattractive in the comics, but Leanne’s cartoon version really blew me away. Who would have thought a villain I had little interest in would suddenly seem… well… cool? So, without further ado, meet Skorr. The latest addition to the BMS cast.

Oh! Wait.

He’s dead.

Oh well. 🙂

Stay tuned for a new BMS strip next Tuesday (January 25th)!!!

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In the meantime, have you seen my comic, Once Upon a Caper? It’s something I am writing and working on with Leanne (BMS’ resident penciller and inker). It’s the story of an eleven year old girl with the greatest super powers on Earth, only she’d give them all up at the drop of a hat. Fairy tale meets spandex! I currently have a preview issue available for download or in print ready to be mailed to your doorstep for a reasonable price. The Sovena Red preview issue is 22 pages of full color action adventure. The ongoing series will launch later this year but we can always use support!

You can also follow Leanne’s to-ings and fro-ings over at her blog. While she does her very best to deliver art for Blue Milk Special, she also manages to find time to work as a professional comics illustrator (Perhapanauts, After School Agent one shot, Pulverized, Lava-Roid, Casper and the Spectrals) and editor / artist (Whatever Happened to Baron Von Shock). Currently we are working on a children’s illustrated storybook as well as developing the Once Upon a Super Hero ongoing series. Apart from Star Wars, you will find Leanne’s gallery filled with all sorts of goodies, ranging from classic horror, to animation and Harry Potter. Check it out and give the girl some support. You can also follow her on Twitter and join the Leanne Hannah fan page on Facebook.

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