Check out the final part of our flashback mini-series titled Death Star Inspection, starring Grand Moff Tarkin and General Motti. Next week we start a new flashback mini-series which will last until the end of the week, again starring Grand Moff Tarkin and a surprise guest. And the week after that, ANOTHER Tarkin mini-series. Yep, it’s Tarkin retrospective month here at BMS.

The first official appearance of Boba Fett in Blue Milk Special and he’s only in the background. WTF man? Come on! Boba Fett will be making a few appearances this month so if you’re a fan, hooray for you! If you’re not a fan, then you’ll probably enjoy how we handle him anyway. And yeah, those are his cartoon colors (or an approximation). This is closest to how he first appeared in Star Wars expanded canon before TESB.

You might notice those dudes in the background are the same thugs that Declan Mulholland’s Jabba the Hutt from Episode IV: A New Hope brings with him to harrass Han Solo in Docking Bay 94. Here at BMS we like obscure characters and when possible, we like to do something with them. According to the expanded universe they are Boelo (Jabba’s lieutenant with the pointy hat), Davelynn or “Hagrid” as we’ve dubbed the bushy beared thug and Gela Yeens (the alpine ski instructor). The two Rodians will be making an appearance in BMS soon. In the BMS SW universe they are related to Greedo and therefore part of his Tetsu clan.

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