The Rebel Legion's Darth Mitsy as Princess Leia from Splinter of the Mind's Eye.The Rebel Legion.

On Monday I pimped out the 501st Legion of Imperial costume enthusiasts, fully intending to recognize their rebel counterparts the Rebel Legion in the following post. As previously mentioned, the closely tied organizations assist with charity work and fund-raising events for noble causes all over the world. De JAwa Vu is one of their number and an active supporter of BMS. We thank him and the others who have helped this webcomic by spreading the word and livening up not only OUR experience at conventions, but the experience of ALL attendees.

The Rebel Legion represents costumers who have brought to life the wonderful look of the slightly more heroic characters of the Star Wars Universe, from rebel soldiers and pilots to Jedi, smugglers and wookiees. Oh! And Clone Troopers too, if you’re into the 21st Century Star Wars mythos! 🙂 In addition to serving as a hub for the many chapters of the organization all over the world, known as Outposts and Bases, the also has extensive costuming resources for those interested in creating their own costume. Show the rebels some love and check out their website and lend your support to their charity operations. Follow the Rebel Legion on Twitter and on Facebook.

Pictured on the left (above) is one of the Rebel Legion members, DarthMitsy, who, to our delight has made a representation of Princess Leia’s Mimban Mining Outift from Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. We hope this serves as a teaser for the upcoming story arc in Blue Milk Special, now just over a week away!

Any ideas from any of our fine readers on us having Blue Milk available to drink at our table at New York Comic Con on Oct 8-10? How would we keep it cold without power and refrigerator? If you have ideas on the practicality of doing this then we’d love to hear them. We love the idea of being able to offer our fans a drink of Blue Milk… not the special kind though. I hope you know why. ;=

Oh! I forgot to mention that we have a brand new voting incentive strip. This time it is starring the BMS unique Jabba the Hutt, Declan Mulholland, accompanied by his accountant Mosep and his henchman, Bib Fortuna. Vote for Blue Milk Special

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