oola boobFor a split second in the Return of the Jedi, during Oola’s struggle with Jabba, one of the Twi’lek’s bouncing contours escaped her flimsy fishnet monokini. Among male teenage nerds, this was a freeze frame moment. So the perils of Oola’s costume finally gets an acknowledgement in today’s strip thanks to Biggs. Gotta keep those puppies on their leash!

Clearly Biggs is not about to take advantage of his Twi’lek charge. They have a long journey ahead, and fashion disasters should be addressed early. Will Oola be too embarrassed to work with Biggs now, or will it establish much needed trust between them? Only time will tell!

Last week we were contacted by the 501st Legion’s Tray Nichols who wanted to include Leanne and myself in their trading card series for Honorary & Friends of the Legion. We are pleased to share the preview of the Blue Milk Special trading card here in today’s blog. You will be able to get one of these from us at shows that we attend and we can of course sign it for you. We will look at some competitions through the website as another way for readers to get a card while they last.

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