This is by far the biggest strip we have ever published. 12 panels to keep you going over the weekend! You may have noticed that Boussh the Bounty Hunter speaks in an alien language in the film. That language is called Ubese, and apparently its the easiest language to master in the galaxy… at least, according to Leia. In today’s strip, we learn that the good guys really should fill C3PO in on the plan. 🙂

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IMG_3339Doctor Who Silver Nemesis 7th Doctor & Cyberman army

IMG_3347Doctor Who companion “Ace” figure and accessories

IMG_33882x Genesis Daleks from Doctor Who 4th Doctor era

IMG_3393GI JOe Zartan with Swamp Skier MOC 2008

IMG_3390Cobra Commander – San Diego Comic Con 2008 exclusive factory sealed MOC