In the tradition of the Marvel super hero movies having a bonus scene during, or after the end credits, we thought we’d give a hint at the fate that may lie in store for TK8008 and TK22829. And I thought I’d try to sum things up a little.

Star Wars captured my imagination as a kid. It was quite possibly the first sci-fi movie I ever saw. I was really young at the time, and it was airing on TV in the UK. When I was a kid, I could never have imagined I might spend 8 years of my adult life creating cartoon strips about the films I loved. But that’s what happened. I love those movies. I’m not as big of a fan of Star Wars outside that specific era, but it has been a pleasure being a part of the enormous fan community.

I know a lot of people are content just to watch the films, read the books, watch the shows, etc, but what I want to see is more fans using Star Wars to help foster their creative talent. Though BMS is not as easy to make as it may look, a webcomic is something that anyone with a bit of art skill and time can try their hand at. If you’re more of a writer, then there is fan fiction. If you like to make fan films with the power of smart phones and Youtube, you can share your creativity with others. It can be a great place to grow your talent and perhaps, eventually, take it to a professional level either with Star Wars, or beyond it.

Do something with your hobby. Whether it is costuming, or illustrating, podcasting, roleplaying, or even live Youtube streams of your games. Yes, the fan community can be critical, but there’s something satisfying about being a part of the thing you love as only a fan can.

Aside from all the deeper meanings of Star Wars and the friendships it has kindled, what about Star Wars itself? What do I take away from Star Wars after having spent 8 years drawing and playing with it with my co-creator, Leanne? When we started, George Lucas was still the owner of Star Wars, and although Clone Wars was running, there was no hint that we would ever see the franchise return to the big screen. Things changed a lot between 2009 and today. Heck, Star Wars has changed a lot since the original movie. But the greatest thing for me about Star Wars for me is the Original Trilogy. Why? I’ll tell you.

Of all the iterations, it is the Original Trilogy that I think will endure beyond all the others. It has without a doubt, the greatest villain, Darth Vader.

From the Originals to Prequels, from Disney to the small screen, comics and books, there is no villain that had the presence and the mystery of Darth Vader. Rogue One is a reminder of Darth Vader’s incredible power as a captivating and terrifying villain, though no one should need to have been reminded. Likewise, Luke Skywalker is the quintessenial hero. Although Rey may end up being a challenger for that spot, she lacks a nemesis as alluring and scene-stealing as Vader.

The saying, a hero is only as good as his villain, holds true here. Luke Skywalker’s rise from humble beginnings and tragedy to the manhood and the redemption of his father is still the most powerful journey I have seen in Star Wars. As we step away from the Original Trilogy after so long, I am left with the lasting image of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. And I have to say, thank you to George Lucas, and the entire team behind the creation of a true film and pop culture phenomenon.

And thanks to fans for giving Blue Milk Special –yet another Star Wars parody of many– a chance.

BMS is not wrapping up. We will be tackling Heir to the Empire, all going well, in about two months time. But first, we will be bringing you the Darklighter Chronicles as a brief interlude. What’s that all about? Well, you want to know how Biggs and Oola get out of the desert, don’t you?

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