Boba Fett finally gets what he had coming to him in today’s strip. I know a lot of people hate to accept that Boba Fett made an ass hat of himself in Return of the Jedi, but those are the onscreen facts. We can fill in as many blanks about this character as we like through our own imaginations or through the Expanded Universe, but the fact remains that what we got onscreen in the films was just another goon, albeit one wearing a cooler costume.

Fett was unconvincing when he finally put his jet pack to use in the film. He had his blaster chopped in half and his lasso weapon easily escaped before he fell forward onto his face. He then got to his feet to be blindsided by a literally blind Han Solo by sheer accident. His jet pack fired up out of his control and he flew head first into the sail barge and rolled into the belly of the Sarlacc. He sucked. He looks awesome, but he sucks. That’s been the message throughout his time in Blue Milk Special. That doesn’t mean he sucks as a character, just that his costume and gadgets are bundled up with a good helping of bungling and that works REALLY well in our webcomic.

Is Boba Fett gone for good? That’s up to the faithful fans to decide. Read below for an opportunity to save Boba Fett in BMS. It worked for Biggs so I’m not ruling it out for Fett. It’s up to the readers to decide. If you want to see more Boba in the form of special exclusive strips then see our ideas for Patreon below.


logo_emblemLeanne and I love storytelling, which is why we have wanted to work together for so long. Since 2009 we have produced the popular webcomic Blue Milk Special, a sci-fi parody focusing on following the original Star Wars trilogy and expanded universe material. We have always produced the project for free to fellow fans and continue to do so while trying to fit it into our busy lives. We are about to publish our first children’s story book, Hickory Hippo, and we have some other exciting projects up our sleeves. However, Blue Milk Special remains dear to us and many of our readers, which is where Patreon comes in…

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If we can get some extra help financially, then it makes the project easier and provides an additional incentive for Leanne and myself to create new strips more frequently. That means more content for you guys. All readers will benefit, but ​Patreon supporters will get extra good stuff.

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Blue Milk Special is going to be around for a little while longer thanks to YOU guys! We’re glad to know that we’re not the only ones who are invested in reaching the end. Without you guys, Blue Milk Special would have come to a stop by now. Thank you for being with us and to many of you for becoming our friends. However, I’d like to remind readers that there are two EXCLUSIVE Blue Milk Special strips for supporters of our SAVE BLUE MILK SPECIAL campaign.

Yes, the campaign is not officially over, we just took a break to help promote the Voyage Trekkers movie. We still have 4 of the “I Love You” packages to find a home for. And for those interested in contributing a little more and getting something very unique in return, we have an unlimited number of “I know” rewards. See below. Regardless what amount you contribute, we will be sending you an exclusive “thank you” strip. Both if you contribute $20 or more!

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