Ever had to listen to a terrible conversation while being given a ride somewhere?

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For those of you with a bit of Star Wars knowledge, I guess we could call Biggs’ urinary issues “Kaiburr Crystals”. Yep, as you know, Biggs, our beloved cat, has been stricken with the worst week of his life. I’m making light of it here with the kaiburr crystals joke, but those who are familiar with urinary / bladder crystal blockages in cats, will know just how scary what we’ve been going through is.

Here’s the little guy, pictured above, with two shaved forelegs that make him look like a poodle.

Things seemed to be going better for Biggs over the weekend and through Monday. But on Tuesday the howling while on the litter tray started again. By 10 pm we were on the road back to the emergency clinic with him.

It turns out he has a bladder infection that is resistant to the initial antibiotic shot he was given. So he’s on a large amount of different meds, and antibiotics now. The goal is to get him through this, or, if the kaiburr crystals keep coming back, we’re facing super expensive major surgery to save his life. Still, Biggs has been a lot better since we came back home with him at about 2:30am on Wednesday morning, in what has been his second trip to the emergency clinic in just over a week.

Biggs has been exhibiting even more of his pre-Bladder-Blockage personality. He hasn’t shown any signs of pain using the litter tray today, and he’s been very cooperative in taking his wide range of medications. Most encouragingly, he finally sought out food by his own inclination, rather than having to be coaxed, or force-fed. Yes, our little Biggsy is seemingly on the mend. Hopefully, the added antibiotics are helping with his bladder infection. We want to see another day of positive signs before we really start to push the idea of major surgery to the back of the mind. But I feel encouraged.

The little guy is super affectionate. Perhaps he appreciates being home and not at the vet’s. Last night, I ended up sleeping on the couch (this happens every so often when my neck is really bad, and I don’t want to keep Leanne up by tossing and turning and fidgeting all night). I woke up to find Biggs was sleeping by my head. In fact, he was resting his forehead against mine.

I don’t know what could make him more lovable right now.

In fact, last night, he did a forward roll and landed in a position in which he began to lick his privates. It was impressive. The sort of move that couldn’t be planned… or could it?

I appreciate the advice we are being given. Please do leave your comments on the GoFundMe Campaign wall. One comment I find especially interesting from Candi Crushe is the difference between bottled water and regular filtered tap water on the formation of crystals (Kaiburr Crystals! – Star Wars ref) in the bladder / urinary tract. We will make that adjustment and hope we are eliminating another possible cause for his sudden onset at the age of only three years old.

We have had some recent donations from friends, and long time supporters that have pushed us very close to our goal of $2500. As mentioned previously, the costs ballooned well above that number during Biggs’ treatment, but if we can reach the goal, then we are in a much better place to survive this month financially. Our need is still urgent and we are month to month with my medical costs as well, but thanks to the incredible generosity of our friends, family, and readers, we are managing to weather this storm.

Thank you to everyone for being so damn awesome and supportive and super decent people. It means a lot to know others care and are thinking of us. It’s a reminder that there are great and compassionate people in the world, and it isn’t all doom and gloom like the news media likes to present.

As for the BMS postcards we promised to those BMS readers who donated $20 and up, please email me your address at rod.hannah@gmail.com so we can get those mailed out to you at the start of next week. Thanks to all of you!

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