Did anyone tear up during this scene? Seeing the two best friends recognize each other in their shared cell. Did Han dream all that time he was suspended in carbonite? Does he remember interacting with Lando while he was a block of carbonite? Do readers care enough for us to answer such daring questions? Hmmm?

We now return you to our regular programming. Coming up, Carrie Fisher in a metal bikini, more Jabba, Luke the Jedi and Roxy Rancor. Hold on to your seats! It’s going to be like riding in a taxi in New York City!

1974704_10203582257101361_156606125_nOur friends and readers Eric and Liz enjoyed an anniversary weekend down at Disney World. They of course stopped at Star Tours and Eric posed in a great t-shirt for this photo! Nice to see these BMS shirts are getting out and about. I wonder if its the first time one has been in Disney World? More photos from readers of where their shirts have been are welcomed!

Meanwhile… This video of a family who saved a Humpback Whale from fishermen’s nets is truly beautiful and worth a watch. The little girl’s observation right at the end was particularly touching, I thought. Please check out http://www.eii.org/gwc/ for more great information on Great Whale Conservancy