Meanwhile, on Dagobah… Today’s strip prompted the following comment from one of our readers, A. Joyce. It got a laugh out of me and I love his take on the Great Jedi Master. I thought I’d share it, with Joyce’s permission. It points out some of the issues that did not exist before the Prequels came along with a slightly different Yoda to the one I loved when I grew up.

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“I’ve been telling people about this idea that I had! I don’t think Yoda ever wanted Luke trained. He never believed in him. All his life he was stuck on the farm, screwing around, not working towards anything other then getting out of there. But Leia was in the Senate, and joined the rebellion. Obi-Wan was the only one that believed in Luke.

Even if you go back to Revenge of the Sith, Yoda says the kids should be split up, and he smiles when Bail says “we’ll take her, she’ll be loved” (also she’ll have frigging bodygaurds up the wingwang and will be a princess). When Obi-wan asks about Luke, Yoda just tells him to give him back to his family– Leia’s family too! Why not stick her on that rock and let Luke get raised as royalty? Yup, Yoda’s a jerk.

On Dagobah Luke fails every test, then when he goes to leave, Yoda isn’t worried about Luke, he’s worried about the galaxy. Even when Ben laments that he was their last hope, Yoda finally “Reveals his opinion” that there is another. Although it is interesting that he wasn’t worried that Leia was now in the hands of the Empire. Unless my theory is wrong and it was Lando that Yoda believed in.” – A. Joyce.

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