Jabba the Hutt's original gangRemember Declan Mulholland? Many months ago, I promised readers that the appearance of the original Jabba the Hutt actor, Declan Mulholland in the BMS universe would indeed be addressed when we got to Return of the Jedi. For the last four years, I’ve been waiting to finally reach this point. It was all planned out as far back as 2009. I had a way to reconcile both versions of Jabba the Hutt, at least within the BMS universe, thanks to a nod to the Wizard or Oz.

With no one at the controls of Slug Jabba, the remaining first act of Return of the Jedi will be a little different from here on. See his first appearance in BMS here. /?p=156

Why do we give the forgotten actors so much love? Because trivia is like nectar to a geek, and because its nice to shine a spotlight on actors and crew that get overlooked. Mulholland is no longer with us, but his version of Jabba would certainly have been different and that’s why we had so much fun elevating his role in our take on Star Wars.


ACDC_Timothy_Zahn_PostI also promised a big announcement. At Awesome Con on April 19th, Leanne and I will be participating in a Star Wars discussion panel along with Timothy “Thrawn Trilogy” Zahn, John “Dak” Morton, and Bria LaVorgna (writer at tosche-station.net). If you were on the fence about attending Awesome Con, or hadn’t heard of it, this should make up your mind for you.

We also expect to have Biggs Darklighter present, Al Sniezevage who I blogged about a few months back for his awesome Anchorhead Biggs Darklighter costume. A huge big deal for us, and I’m sure for all fans of Biggs “I’ll save you!” Darklighter. So there will be a really special feel about this three day show. If you just want to come along for a sketch, or to show your support, we would love to see you. This is likely to be one of our few appearances in public this year due to financial and health reasons. Awesome Con DC on Easter Weekend in Washington, DC convention center and has a huge guest list and lots of little guys like ourselves attending too.

Walter E. Washington
Convention Center
Washington, DC


As mentioned, I’m selling lots of precious stuff to raise money to help pay medical bills. I have degenerative disc disease in my neck, and neurological pain in my arms that is at times debilitating and badly impacting my life. I am not yet putting my Star Wars collection up for auction, but if you like Doctor Who, then you need to check out what I’m selling or pass it along. It’d be a huge help to myself and Leanne. Huge.


These include Tom Baker 4th Doctor, Jon Pertwee 3rd Doctor, New Series Cult of Skaro Daleks, and more!

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